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IT 420 SNHU Advanced Info System Design Implementation Project


make an appendix:

Appendix: Package the design from IT 415 and the various deliverables, documentation, graphics, and other elements in the appendix to provide supportive evidence for the verification plan and for elements A through F of the project closure document. The items included in your appendix may vary depending on the type of project you chose to complete, but some examples could include: [IT-420-04]

  1. All executable files and source codes
  2. Various documentation associated with implement support
  3. All associated webpage and script files for a website. Provide the URL if the website is hosted on a server.
  4. Screenshots or video that demonstrate implementation
  5. Network diagram with photo images/screenshots that prove implementation
  6. Narrated presentation that presents the implemented system
  7. Associated database files and data
  8. Prototype files
  9. Simulation and/or evidence of simulation running

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