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Business Name: OaklandTechConsulting

Dealership located in Reykjavik, Iceland with the following departments:

New Car Sales

Used Car Sales

Accounting / Financing


Technical Needs:

Computer estimate 25

Servers at least 2, possibly 3 Windows Servers


Single Location Office –not tied to another location



The main business problems and requirements are to form create a network infrastructure to support a dealerships daily operations.  This includes the user profile requirements, applications as well as hardware requirements to accomplish this project.

All users will need access to a desktop computer or mobile device with appropriate applications to utilize which ever application is required for their department.  For the sales department…software will be needed.  For the service and repairs department, software will be needed to track parts and work orders for all customers and vehicles


The office will also need a communications platform in both email and voice.  The most common email systems are moving to the cloud to reduce onsite equipment and maintenance.  Most new phone systems are IP based, which utilize the same network infracture.  


Most dealerships require wifi for both business operations and for public use while waiting for their vehicle repairs in a waiting room as a courtesy service.

The office will also require servers to support applications, even with virtualization technologies available.  There should be a minimum requirement of at least two physical servers to avoid a 100% failure of business operations related to technology failure.


answer the following question.


1. What are the primary concerns that you must address while planning for this transition for your organization? 


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