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IT Infrastructure Project Phase I


This is the beginning of the project. Please see attachment for further instructions.

Project Background
Reference Figure 1. Friendly Care Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in DC. You have
recently bought the hospital, naming it [Your Firstname Lastname] Hospital. For example, Jane
Doe Hospital. Jane Doe Hospital owns a 5-story building and houses many departments that
span multiple floors. Its Radiology department is spread across the first and second floors,
connected by a dedicated LAN. The department has recently deployed a new “Radiology
Images” application as part of their initiative to digitize patient records. However, the
department staff sometimes faces long application delays during busy hours. It also experiences
regular delays in Internet connectivity, FTPS services, web services, and email services.
Their original design, depicted in Figure 1, was categorized as a small network, providing
services for up to 200 devices. They have well surpassed this. You, as their senior network
engineer, are tasked with the job of a complete re-design. This design must support a mediumsize
network for 200 to 1,000 devices.

I have attached the full project a track program is available and I will give the link.

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