Italian-American Immigration Culinary Legacy Paper

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Each student will research a specific topic relating to ethnicity or immigration in American culture and write a research paper on the topic. THE FOCUS OF THE PAPER SHOULD EXAMINE A QUESTION(S) OR A PROBLEM(S) — e.g., How did ethnic organizations impede Polish assimilation into mainstream American culture? How and why did employment opportunities change for female Irish immigrants from the 1840s through the 1880’s? How and why did the arguments for English as the official language of the United States respond to changes in immigration by particular groups?


Depending on the topic, the paper may include ethnographic data (e.g., a survey or a questionnaire). The paper must be appropriately documented according to the Chicago Manual of Style; it must adhere to the rules and principles of Standard American English (grammar, spelling, usage, and rhetoric); and it must use a minimum of eight (8) scholarly sources. The paper must also make connections to course material, which must be appropriately footnoted. Violations of these guidelines will neccessarily affect the evaluation of the paper. Each student must meet with the professor to discuss the topic and method of research. OUT OF JUSTICE TO THE CLASS ALL LATE PAPERS WILL BE DOWNGRADED ONE LETTER GRADE FOR EACH DAY OF LATENESS. AN EXCEPTION TO THIS WOULD BE SERIOUS ILLNESS VERIFIED BY A PHYSICIAN.



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Italian-American Immigration Culinary Legacy Paper

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