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Jessica Brown’s, Making Space at the Well: Mental Health


Write a reflection paper onRead Ch. 5-6 in Jessica Brown’s,Making Space at the Well: Mental HealthRead Ch. 3-4 in Jessica Brown’s,Individual Reflection/Discussion – Per the assignment listed in Moodle, the learner will select 3 major concepts from the assigned reading or video and submit a 2-3 page reflection/discussion that reflects their understanding of the assignment. The Individual Reflection/Discussion submission comprise 35% of your total grade. See Rubric in Attachment B of this Syllabus (p.14). Each Individual reflection/discussion must include the following:a) Name and define each concept in your own words. (3 Concepts)b) Detail the significance of each concept – why is this concept important? How does this concept intersect and/or impact the local Black church and the community?c) Provide a personal reflection regarding the concepts that you have chosen. Include your personal thoughts and feelings as it relates to this concept, and provide any examples of personal experiences, questions and or concerns.d) Detail any facts or information that you feel is missing from the author’s writing or video.e) Utilize appropriate grammar and syntax (standard AmericanEnglish/scholarly) and the Turabian Format. Be sure to cite all sources.

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