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JJC Gender Dimensions of Physics & Physics Related Courses in American High Schools Paper


This assignment has 3 parts

Part 1

-Look at “lit review” file and ” Announcement for Lit review ” file, these both files are the format of the project and the professor will strictly grade it based on these two

-Look at “Project proposal” “Proposal Guide” you’ll need these to start up working

-I have did this assignment before and i missed up, it was totally wrong. I’ll upload my old work just because there are comments from the professor that you need to look at them and you need to follow them

-Look at “sample 1” and “sample 2”

-Look at “Rubric for Literature Review” and check all the sections on it after finishing the work to make sure you did answer all the questions on it

Part 2:

-I’ll upload one of my class mates work and you need to peer-review it

-Use the Rubric for Literature Review as your guide and the requirements of the assignment.

-Rate each section of the paper. Give feedback in the rubric where improvements can be made and where your peer did a good job. Highlight any areas that are confusing, need to be expanded, and/or need clarifications in the margins of the paper.

-This part needs to be done first

Part 3:

-In this forum, you will focus on your final project as you answer the questions below. You may refer to the other assignments as you write, but try focusing on how they helped you complete the project. Please include specific examples from your own work

– in a sentence or two, describe the key argument(s) and audience(s) of your literature review

-Describe how your research question changed over time (you may refer to the online activities that directly addressed narrowing the research question). How is the current research question different? Why did it change? How did it change? What decisions did you make as you developed a narrow focus? Be specific and use concrete examples.

-Briefly describe 2-3 tasks you have completed as you have decided how to frame the sections of your final research project. What has worked well? What has been a challenge? How have you addressed this challenge? How did you rely on previous assignments as you worked on the final project?

-What skills learned as you gathered sources, narrowed the focus of the project, and synthesized sources might be useful in other contexts (other academic courses, non-academic settings)? How do you think the content you gathered during the semester might be useful in the future? What tactics and strategies or what content knowledge might you be able to use in a different setting?

-After submitting this part, I’ll be able to see my class mates work as this one and i’ll need to Provide feedback to at least two other classmates. Focus on common problems and different approaches to problem-solving. Be specific.


-Do each assignment in a different file

-I’ll need to receive the assignment in this order: Part2 then 3 then 1 to receive a full grade on my class.

– I will not be able to upload all the files but once you start answering the questions, I’ll upload the rest

– if you have any question, i’m always here to respond

– this assignment is my final project of the class, so try to do your best please.

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