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Johari window assignment | SPC1017


 Johari Window Assignment InstructionsOpen SelfInformation about yourself that you and others knowBlind SelfInformation you don’t know about yourself but others knowHidden SelfInformation you know about yourself but others don’tUnknown SelfInformation about yourself that neither you nor others know1.Write down 10 adjectives that describe you. It is very important that you complete this step FIRST!2. Ask 10 people to also write down 10 adjectives that they associate with you. Ask people from different contexts: family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, boss, cousins, school acquaintances, etc.3. You will end up with 110 adjectives. Put them all in a Word document.4. Separate the words by person: your adjectives, your mum’s, your 1st friend, your 2nd friend, your neighbor etc. (keep it anonymous; instead of names use designations such as “parent”, “friend”, “boss”, “cousin” etc.5. Sort ALL 110 WORDS into the Johari Window (see above). Open: Words that are on your list and at least on one other listHidden: Words that are only on your list and not on any of the 10 other listsBlind: Words that are only on your family’s and friend’s list but not on your own.Unknown: always stays blank!5. Reflection: Write a one to two-page essay that discusses your experience (without headings). For a full score, your submission must be 1 to 2 pages in length, written in essay form, and you will have to cover the following points:Analyze the distribution of the words: What does it tell you?Look at frequently named adjectives or any discrepancies between your self-perception and the perception of others.What have you learned, if anything?Do your friends and family all know the same “you” or do their perceptions differ depending on your relationship with them?How was your overall experience?There are 3 parts to this assignment.  Your 110 adjectives (with relationship stated for each set of 10: grandmother, coworker, etc.), those adjectives sorted into the Johari window, and your reflection paper in essay form (don’t just write the question and your answer).

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