JS 211 The Holocaust


Reaserch Paper Topic: How did the nazi revision of Paragraph 175 on 28 June 1935, change the lives of homosexuals during the persecution?

You should consult several books and articles for secondary sources and if possible one or more primary sources. Use Only Jstor and Proquest and USC Shoa Foundation for sources PLEASE.

Write 12-15 pages (double spaced, 12 points, Times New Roman). Do not forget to insert page numbers!!! Don’t forget your name and the course title.

The Research Paper

I. Introduction (one page)

-have an interesting opening, anecdote or thesis or quote

-introduce your topic briefly

-briefly mention what other research has already been done on it (such as “when studying the

Berlin Olympics scholars have looked at x and y, but no one has done z.”)

-explain YOUR approach or method to this topic/research question;

-mention your PRIMARY SOURCES

-your Research question or thesis

If you are not sure about a thesis, you can raise a research question or several ones instead, in which you are very interested and which you want to discuss in your paper.

(If your thesis is a statement of fact you will end up writing a report, not a research paper. That was not the assignment and failure to do the assignment will affect your grade badly).

-Be careful that your thesis is not too obvious or too vague. Don’t tell the reader that the Nazis did bad things. That’s both too obvious and too vague.

II. Body Paragraphs

-Set Scene (as a quasi-transition), give a short historical background, 1 page or so.

-In the body, you use your evidence (primary sources and relevant info from secondary sources) to lay out your arguments and convince the reader that your argument/s is/are correct.

– or in case of a research question, you lay out the different steps you took to discuss this question, using the sources as evidence of your arguments

For an easier read or better structure you can use sub chapters, but no more than four or five.

III. Conclusion

-summarize what your research and argument (your content)

-summarize the evidence which supports your thesis or helps you answer your research question

-tell the reader what is your new contribution to the topic

Please cite other author’s ideas (that is their property) properly

Citing Text

When you use the exact wording put this “in quotation marks” and give a reference for the book or article with a page number.

You could use references within the text such as: (Smith 2006, pp. 201-202) plus a bibliography with the full title of the books used at the end

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