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Kindergarten Observation Summary


Kindergarten Observation Summary

Kindergarten Observation Summary


This assignment will be completed in a kindergarten  classroom during literacy instruction. Spend 1-2 hours observing in this  2 classroom, reflecting on the literacy instruction that is taking  place. Take notes in the following categories. Then, using your notes, use the template below, to describe your findings. Save your notes, as you instructor may ask to see them.

Observation Summary Template: Kindergarten Elementary Observation-3.docx  

Categories for Your Observation Summary Assignments:

Section 1: Observations before the lesson

(Note:  To complete section 1 of the summary, it will help you to engage in a  conversation with the host teacher prior to your scheduled observation  time.)

Describe the classroom. What do you observe about the set-up of the classroom? What has the classroom teacher told you about his/her literacy instruction? What do you observe regarding the students? What types of interaction does the teacher have with the students? What has the teacher told you about the lesson plan that he/she has for the lesson you will observe. What are the objectives for the lesson you will be watching? What materials will he/she use? How will he/she assess the students’ ability to meet the objective for the lesson?

(Important:  Ask the teacher to point out a struggling student and a high performing  student before the lesson begins. You will need to be watching these 2  students in particular during the lesson you will observe.)

Section 2: Observations during the lesson

Describe the lesson elements. During the lesson, pay special attention to the instructional language that teacher uses. Is he/she using explicit modeling language? Give examples. What scaffolding to you observe? Give examples. How much of the talking is done by the teacher versus the students? Do students have opportunities to talk to one another? What types of reading/writing/speaking/listening are happening during this lesson. Discuss the progress of the struggling student and the high performing student in relationship to the learning objectives and the assessment. What do you notice?

Section 3: Reflection after the lesson

Reflect on what you observed. From your time spent in this

classroom so far, make 3 clear connections between the lesson you

observed and what you have learned so far in this course.


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