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Requirements for the Pendulum Lab Report

The report must be a Word or pdf file smaller than 10 MB. It must be submitted through Blackboard by the deadline. Consult the full grading rubric as you write the report, although the following points summarize the expectations. Please do not copy and paste the list of requirements below into a Word file and fill it out like a worksheet. This will cause your SafeAssign matching percentage to increase dramatically. Also, much of this report can be copied and pasted from your group’s lab records. Be sure to put things in your own words, however, or your SafeAssign matching percentage will get too high.

1.Your name, first and last names of all lab partners, descriptive title of the experiment that includes the DV and IV(s), and when the experiment was conducted.

2.An experimental design template for eachfactor investigated. See example below. Number and descriptively title each table for easy reference (ex. “Table 1. Experimental design plan for determining impact of mass on acceleration of car.”)

Experimental Design Template

Research Question

What impacts the period of a pendulum for small swings?

Dependent variable (DV)

Independent variable (IV)

Control Variables (CV)

(include actual values)

Testable Hypothesis


3.Data tables and graphs for eachfactor investigated.

a.Include column headers and units for each table. Number and title each table for reference (ex. “Table 1. Data for investigating whether car mass impacts acceleration.”).

b.On each graph include labels with units for each axis and error bars for each point. (If bars are too small to be seen, include a note near the table indicating this.) Number and title graphs for reference (ex. “Figure 1. Graph of cart mass versus speed.”).

c.Include all measurement uncertainties anddescribe how these were estimated.

4.Discussion and conclusion.

a.Restate for the reader the research question being investigated in this lab.

b.Discuss how each of the three experiments addressed the research question, what claims were made, and the conditions under which the claims are valid. Refer to each graph in your discussion.

c.State the theoretical mathematical model for the period of a pendulum and discuss how your data fits with this model. Be sure to refer to the data tables or graphs in this discussion. Even those factors that did not impact the period of the pendulum should be discussed here and compared to what is included in the theoretical model.

d.Discuss which errors (random and/or systematic) were present and what was done to reduce them (or could be done in the future to reduce them).

e.Discuss any constraints in this experiment that may limit the generalizability of your results.

5.Correct grammar usage and properly cited references, if applicable.It is important to proofread your writing and to correct mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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