Law & society R.


Theory and Hypotheses (2-3 pages) of double-spaced 12-point font.

In this part of the paper, you will be describing how previous theories in the literature you read leads you to explain the variation that you are examining. This is the literature review that will set up the context of your study. You should draw on the literature review you already completed for this section. However, you will need to emphasize different aspects of the review to provide the reasonings for your hypotheses. (An example of this is attached for you to take a look at)

In this section, you might have a subsection for each theoretical approach you draw on to build your arguments. Within these subsections, you will describe the following:

  1. What is the theory about in general?

b) How the theory contemplates your dependent variable (the outcome you are examining in your study)? For example, how have law and society scholars approached legal consciousness theoretically and empirically?

  1. One or more hypothesis that derived from the theory you are using.

Conclusion and Contributions (1-2 paragraphs)

Summarize what your study will be about briefly? What will we learn from this study? How will your study expand on previous literature?

You will need to have a bibliography for this assignment. You can use MLA, APA, ASA reference style or any other reference style you are comfortable with.

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