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Learning Goal: I’m working on a history multi-part question and need an explanat



Learning Goal: I’m working on a history multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.As a culture Americans are multi-drug users, which often have far reaching consequences for the individuals participating in use of these substances. In this project you will research a drug of your choice as well as interview two users of the substance. Share what surprise you about this project.Part 1: Drug User Interviews (30%)Interview two people who have used the drug, alcohol, or tobacco topic you are researching. The questions for the interview must include the following and you can add more if necessary. You must attach the interviews along with their answers to the back of the paper.How long have they been using the drug?How did they get started?How old were they when they started using?What do they get from the drug?What kind of physical reactions do they have from their use and have their physical reactions changed over time?How much money does their habit cost them?Has their habit cost them anything else i.e. friendships, health?Who do they hide their drug use from?Do they want to quit using?Have they tried to quit?What keeps them hooked?What other drugs do they currently use?What surprised you about the interviews?Part 2: Paper (50%)Using three to five academic references, summarize the research and interview material in a 4 to 6 page, double-spaced paper. Explain how to differentiate between drug use, abuse, and misuse of the drug. The research should include the type of the drug; physical, psychological, and emotional effects of use; short term and long term consequences of use; and possible treatment options. You should be sure to include and evaluate information from the interviews.Format: (20%)12-point font, double spaced.The first page should include your name in the header.The first line of the paper will be the title of your paper. The body of the paper will begin immediately following your title. I do not need any other information. Please do not include the name of the course, date, instructor name, or any other information.You must use citations in the body of the paper. If you use a source, identify that source in the paper. You can reference http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ for additional information on citing sourcesYou must include a separate reference page listing all sources used in the development of your paper.You must follow all formatting guidelines to receive full credit.

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