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Every day our lives are impacted by social institutions, groups, and organizations. Understanding how they work and their role in society can help us operate in society more successfully. Many interesting topics are covered in this lesson such as McDonaldization, The Amish (from the Introduction), and Bureaucracy. However, pay special attention to in-groups and out-groups discussed on pages 117-121 and think about who your in-groups and out-groups are. The purpose of this assignment is to examine the different social groups one belongs to and evaluate how social media can affect social groups.


  • Other than your family, identify and describe a primary group in which you belong. Do you have a status in this group? Is this status ascribed or achieved. Do you have a role in this group? How do you practice impression management in this group?
  • Identify one secondary group which you belong. Do you have a status in this group? Is this status ascribed or achieved. Do you have a role in this group? Have you ever experience role strain or role conflict in this group? What is the difference between role conflict and role strain?
  • Identify two of your in-groups and two of your out-groups and share how they have influence the way you see the world.
  • How has social media had an influence on your primary groups, your secondary groups, your in-groups, and your out-groups? Do believe that is possible for someone to have a primary group made of people that they have never met?

Expectations and Criteria for Success:

  • Your discussion post should answer each question above in at least two to four sentences. You initial post should be at least 8 to 9 sentences in length. Successful posts will answer each question with specific examples and details from the assigned sources.
  • After your initial post, you should respond to at least two classmates’ posts. All posts should be encouraging and respective with proper grammar usage.
  • Successful replies will reference course materials and contribute new points of discussion. Your discussion posts should provide in-text citations for any paraphrased and/or directly quoted material. Parenthetical references at the end of the sentence using said material is sufficient. Use accurately one style of citations (MLA, ASA, or APA).

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