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Often socially constructed categories, such as race, class, gender, and sexuality are treated as mutually exclusive identities, but in both structural arrangements and the lived experience, they are intimately interdependent. This discussion will deepen our understanding of the theory itself as well as lived experiences of overlapping systems of oppression, and prepare us to apply it in real world situations to better understand those around us.


  1. Begin your post with a brief description of intersectionality/intersection theory.
  2. In a new section, explain how we can use it to help understand the experiences of those around us who are racially or ethnically different than ourselves.
    • In this section focus on an intersection of identities that is different from your own.
  3. In a third and final section, illustrate your answer with an original example.
  4. Incorporate course material into your post, especially sections 1 and 2, to support your claims/arguments.
    • Be sure to cite the information you incorporated correctly using MLA, ASA, or APA styles.
  5. Proofread and edit your post for clarity and standard English grammar.

Expectations and Criteria for Success:

  • Your discussion post should answer each question above in at least two to four sentences. You initial post should be at least 8 to 9 sentences in length. Successful posts will answer each question with specific examples and details from the assigned sources.
  • After your initial post, you should respond to at least two classmates’ posts. All posts should be encouraging and respective with proper grammar usage.
  • Successful replies will reference course materials and contribute new points of discussion. Your discussion posts should provide in-text citations for any paraphrased and/or directly quoted material. Parenthetical references at the end of the sentence using said material is sufficient. Use accurately one style of citations (MLA, ASA, or APA).

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