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LevelOut Industries Management Information Systems Analysis Essay



LevelOut Industries

LevelOut industries is inviting responses to our project. LevelOut is a respected manufacturer of wireless electronic sensors such as RFID and “dangerous situation” monitoring devices.

LevelOut is considering entering the drone market, with a drone that differentiates itself from the many other multiple drones on the market with a particularly easy-to-use set of controls, enabling the operator to manage the drone even when it is out of sight.

Project Overview

The successful proposal will provide an analysis of LevelOut’s current state of readiness to enter a completely new, and highly competitive, market, based on the goals and intended outcomes shown below.


The overarching goal of the project is to provide a comprehensive but brief analysis of LevelOut’s current use of both information technology, specifically:

1. analysis of the current ERP systems, relative to the need to expand to the use of cloud tools and approaches.

2. Briefly consider successfully addressing changes in the culture.

3.best use of social media, both for the drone project and a generally improved presence in business markets.


The body of the proposal will be no longer than 5 pages, excluding title and abstract pages. References are not required, but if used will be on a separate page. Font should be size 12, line spacing 1.5.

LevelOut Project Roadblocks

1. The current ERP system functions well, but is contained on-site and functionality is delivered through VPN capabilities to LevelOut sites.

The question is, should LevelOut move from hardware / site specific tools to a cloud-based environment? (Hybrid systems are not out of the question)

2. Addressing resistance from the current employees (corporate culture) should be addressed. This can be done briefly, and mention should be make of “overcoming resistance.”

3. Addressing LevelOut’s rudimentary presence in the world of social media. The company has aFacebook page that is sporadically maintained by a single employee, on their time.

The company has a website, but (important) does not have e-commerce capabilities, that is, customers cannot place orders online. LevelOut has no presence in business-specific sites such as LinkedIn.

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