Lighting Systems


Lighting Systems
One of the most overlooked aspects of sport facility design is lighting. The purpose of this assignment is for you to understand the importance of proper lighting and the different types of lighting that can be utilized when designing a sport facility.

Visit a large sport or fitness facility and examine the types of lighting systems used, such as indirect lights, direct lights, and ambient lighting. Be sure to list the facility visited and write a report evaluating the lighting system and determine whether it is effective. Some questions to consider include:
Is the facility using the most appropriate light bulbs?
Are there awkward shadows?
Are lights being wasted?
Can they use more ambient lighting?
Should they have coverings on the windows?
Is it difficult to see in certain areas?

You may submit this assignment as a paper (minimum of 4 pages including pictures) You must submit at least two pictures (or one video) to support your conclusions regarding lighting in the facility.

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