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Literature Research & Literature Review


Part II (50 marks)

Conduct a literature search and draft a brief literature review for the research project you
proposed in Part I (I’ve done Part I already).

  1. (a) Formulate an initial literature search. Your search terms chosen should align with your
    research questions. Describe and explain your decision-making process in terms of the
    search terms chosen, search engines used, search strategies adopted, and potential
    literature sources found.
    (8 marks)

  2. (b) Examine and discuss how you would use your initial search results to refine your
    project’s research questions. You are to show SIX (6) records of references selected from
    your literature search diary using the literature search record template (MacNaughton &
    Hughes, 2009) shown below.

term(s) used

Location of work
(name of
database, e.g.,

Author, title,
year, etc.
(Use APA 7th ed.
referencing style)

My summary in point
form (e.g., theory,
methods, participants,
ethics, findings)

My question(s) and
connections to other
works (similar,

(c) Review the 12 selected references from your literature search after refining the first draft
of your research questions. These 12 selected references that may include the 6 records
in Part II-b, should be the most relevant to your teacher research project. Present the
bibliographical data and a succinct write-up of each of these 12 selected articles in a
separate appendix.

(d) Draft a brief literature review (not more than 500 words) with relevant key themes, clear
argument and succinct writing that will support your research project to answer the
research questions.


I will give you some notes/examples of how to do it and follow closely 🙂

I have done part 1, just a draft, feel free to refine it as well 🙂 just do it in a different font colour perhaps.

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