Loss and Crime Prevention


1.Using the S.A.R.A. model discussed in chapter 9, visit a local business and find 3 issues from conducing a brief survey. You can probably do this while shopping or just sitting in the lot for a minute or two. Or from memory of your last trip to the supermarket, theater, church, courthouse, high-rise office building, etc. Look at the parking lot, lights, entrance, shelves, doors, floors, activities of employees, etc.

a)Scan: Prioritize the 3 issues.

b)Analyze: Research the problem and solution using your book, common sense knowledge, or the internet.

c)Response: Develop a response to the problem/ issue.

d)Assess: Record your results as you believe they would be unless you have real life experience which you can share.

Create a thread for your post using APA Format

250-350 words long with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar

Include three (3) different sources (the textbook does not count)

Due no later than 3 hours

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