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LP02.2 ASSIGNMENT: References Researched


LP02.2 ASSIGNMENT: References Researched


Assignment Essay Paper

Healthcare is dependent upon research based evidence to provide care, therefore it is important for all providers (physicians, nurses, and ancillary personnel) to carefully research and cite studies and publications. Search the NAU library for three resources and find at least one reliable website based on your improvement project topic. Write at least a 2-3-page report on your findings, be prepared to apply this research to your project. Be sure to save your work as this will be a portion of your final paper report.

Requirements for organization and presentation of each paper:
• Expected length: two pages, double spaced, Ariel font size 12, one inch margins,
• Title page (no abstract needed)
• Three references are required and they must be from the NAU Online Library.
• Summarize your research; do not copy word for word from the book, the internet, or any other source (plagiarism policies will be enforced).
• Include a reference page at the end of your essay. Properly cite and reference all sources using proper APA format.
• Post your file in the appropriate drop box before Sunday at midnight.

Helpful NAU Library tutorial links: Tutorials and FAQs
• The Research Process
• Finding Reliable Resources
• Scholarly versus Popular Articles

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