MacBeth Essay, 5 Paragraphs


Argumentative essay: did Shakespeare intend lady Macbeth to be a stereotyped symbol of pure evil, or did he mean to show her as a complex, multi-faceted character?

*completed outline organizer, with specific details and page numbers.
Each body paragraph should have 2 page references for examples in your own words.
Each body paragraph should have 1 direct quotation that supports your idea that you explained before the quotation.

Include into paragraph: title, author, genre, place and time of setting, major characters, and central conflict. Thesis goes last.

At Least 3 statements in your essay must be Counter argument where you recognize the validity of an opposing point of view and give reason even though your essay will demonstrate that your point of view is more valid.

Your conclusion paragraph restates your thesis, reasons, and ends with a tie in to current times.
**double spaced typed first draft showing these changes below
A -add 10 extremely awesome adjectives
B- add 10 great adverbs
C-change 10 forms of “be” to action verbs

**double spaced typed second draft with a, b, c from your first draft highlighted in 3 different colors
A-circle 3 statements of counter argument
B- use correct numbers and format of text references and quotes with page numbers

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