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make my electronic engineering tech final project proposal….


im in the second year of electronics engineering technology, in my final year a have to present a project as in software and hardware. for this semester i have to write a proposal!

things i need:

1)i will give a list of projects and i need you to pick one in which is easy for you or you have done it before.

2)i will give you a list of requirements so you know what i can do and what i cant do!

3)i have a template of a proposal just need to fill it up. called proposal template..

4)since i will do it next semester and a final year project i need it to be very detailed so i can o it !

5)might need help also for next semester for execution.

6)has to be my design so it cant just be from the internet or ill get a zero..

7)last but not least a Gantt Chart that has the logs and other stuff like how am i going to do it and such i just need you to improvise in this part as if you were going to do it. i will provide a Gantt Chart Templateto make it easy. called ebs gantt chart template..

note:nothing can be copied from the internet or i will be kicked from the college!!

another thing everything has to be like the template!

let me know if you are able to do it thank you very much…

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