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Management Exam Practice

Management Exam Practice



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Question 25 3 pts Which of the following systems help to create a total view of customers to maximize share-of- wallet and profitability? Customer relationship management (CRM) system Supply chain management (SCM) System Financial planning wallet (FPW) System C Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system Question 26 3 pts A combination of business data from various business systems and external sources is referred to as which of the following: Data combine Digital database Enterprise data mashup Digital dashboard Question 23 3 pts Which of the following terms relate to the ACID test for data integrity with real-time systems? Dependency Consistency Informative Alignment U Question 24 3 pts Which of the following is a term for discovering hidden relationships using data visualization? Data visual reconnaissance Data relationship matrix processing Data discovery Encapsulated data detection Question 21 3 pts Which of the following is the acronym for the relationship where buyers, sellers, and transactions involve only organizations? TBS B2C BST B2B Question 22 3 pts Which type of system is responsible for minimizing the total cost of inventory while maintaining inventory levels? Production and operations management system Inventory control system Transportation management system Quality control system Question 11 3 pts Which of the following is a type of analysis that estimates the consequences of disruption of a business function and collects data to develop recovery strategies? Business impact analysis (BIA) Business continuity plan Business analytics Business process management D Question 12 3 pts The term for A general term referring to the integration of two or more technologies is which of the following: Relational technology Communications tie-up Mashup Open logistics D Question 9 3 pts Which of the following is a service that enables the quick and easy creation, testing, and employment of web applications without the necessity of buying and maintaining the software and infrastructure underneath? C Digital software service (DSS) Platform as a service (PaaS) Software ready service (SRS) Software as a service (SaaS) U Question 10 3 pts Which is an information system in which executives input specific knowledge provided by DSSS and apply their experience, expertise, and skills to create wisdom that will lead to corporate strategies? Executive information system (EIS) Transaction processing system (TPS) Executive processing system (EPS) Executive transaction system (ETS) U Question 17 3 pts Which of the following is the term used to describe the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, computers, and other information or knowledge-processing entities? C Dynamic interaction analysis (DIA) Crowdfunding C Crowdsourcing Social network analysis (SNA) Question 18 3 pts Which of the following allows teams to collaborate on the creation of webpages? Blogsite Wiki Botsite Question 19 3 pts The predominant language of the Internet is which of the following: Flash Player CHTML JavaScript XML Question 20 3 pts A software application that can store encrypted information about a user’s credit card and other bank account information to complete electronic transactions is which of the following: C Electronic encryptor Digital encryptor Digital passbook Electric wallet (e-wallet)

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