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Matrix Table and Summary: PICO question, 5 articles, critiques and analysis


all together you should have 5 PDF articles attached,Instructions for the assignment, FAQ doc, the matrix template, assignment rubric, and 2 sample documents for guidance

This assignment will require you to take the PICO Question, 5 articles and place them in a table for analysis. You will critique each article and identify the most important parts of the research, analysis, and findings.

Then you will summarize the articles by grading the research, and identifying gaps in the literature as well as possible interventions (see grading rubric and examples)

Requirements: You will fill your answers in attached temple i will provide

pls use the matrix template provided to fill in the answers into the boxes, pls use the rubric for guidance, VERY important to follow the rubric, that’s how I will be graded. you will notice you have 2 instruction documents that are exactly the same thing, the difference is the PICOT question, PLS use the first one I attached. the one with this PICOT question:

In the management of diabetes, do self-managed diabetes patients with resourceful information and support from their health care providers compared to diabetic patients who do not self-care have better outcomes in not developing diabetes-related complications and improved mortality within ten years of diagnosis?

You have the 5 PDF articles you will be critiquing, I put 2 samples to guide you and FAQ that will also be useful. am going to bed now and will not be able to respond to you until in the morning when I wake up. pls ask me questions if you are confused. i will answer as soon as I wake up. Thank you

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