Milestone One: Developing and Communicating Policy

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This is your first opportunity to begin working on your final project, which asks you to design and develop training materials. The work you do for this milestone will be incorporated into your final project.

Recall that you identified a problem early on: staff’s common practice of forgetting to log off computers in public or clinical spaces, potentially allowing unauthorized persons to access protected PHI.

Now, another serious issue involving the clinical staff has arisen. Various regulatory violations have been levied against the hospital. Specifically, the violations assert that discharge paperwork is not being completed correctly, with some not being properly signed.

You realize that you need to create new policies addressing these issues and train your staff to comply with them.

Use the Milestone One Template to document your research, policies, and training plan. When you cite sources, be sure to use full APA format.

To complete this assignment, review the following documents:

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Milestone One: Developing and Communicating Policy

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