MindBridge Case Study A


The Fraud Case Study

Builder Inc. is an innovative construction company located in Western Canada. It employs staff of 150 and is

relatively successful. Even though the company experiences steady growth in recent years, competition is fierce

and margins are shrinking.

A significant portion of the CEO’s pay (Steve Smith) is profit-related. During audit planning this risk is identified

and appropriate audit procedures are to be planned and executed to address this risk.

The General Journal

The company provided you with a partial General Journal (GJ_Case_Study_A.csv). The total balance of the

Journal is around $ 4,4 million. Download the data file to your computer. Please note that the materiality for this

audit engagement is $10,000 (increase weighting for the material value control point to 15% in the MindBridge

tool). It is also important to note that bookkeeping is regularly done on weekends.

Requirements: 1-page Times New Roman Size 12 Font Single Spaced

Explain your findings from an Excel file

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