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MIS380 Narrative Description about the attached document


Please provide a narrative description EXACTLY ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS of the attached project file.

The paper must be IN BULLET POINTS and should be divided into SUBHEADINGS


This should include a description of the client organization (including the organizational unit or functional areas served by the system), motivation for the system (that is, why does the client organization want the system, what problems is it encountering, what opportunities would such a system provide), business goals/objectives (i.e., end states or results the client organization hopes to achieve), the users of the potential system, and the general functionality the client wants in the system. (The users and general functionality form a statement of scope for the project and system.) You should also explain the criteria the client will use to evaluate the acceptability of your work, i.e., the critical success factors for the system and project. You may include any diagrams (of existing or similar systems) to help explain what you intend to design (that is, what parts of current systems are to be replaced).

Description of the client organization, the unit or functions to be served by the system, the users of the potential system, motivation for the system (i.e., why your client wants the system, what problems your client is encountering, what opportunities the system would provide), the functionality desired in the system, and critical success factors

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