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Mission and vision of an organization


1.What factors have been cited as causes of crime and violence? What do you think is the most compelling factor? Explain your answer.

2.Research the rates of incarceration globally, between countries. Support your research with credible resources. What do you think contributes to the differences between countries?

3.This week, we will shift our focus to begin looking at the future direction of an organization. The mission and vision of an organization are very important as they provide the purpose or framework. Identify four characteristics of a good mission statement and two characteristics of a good vision statement? Who should be involved in the development of the mission and vision statements for a health care organization? Please provide a reference when answering this DQ.

4. What are strategic objectives and why are they a critical component to the success of a strategic plan? Who is involved in identifying the strategic objectives within an organization? Do we see different levels of strategic objectives within a strategic plan? What criteria should each objective contain?

All discussion Questions are 150 words a piece.

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