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mkt 305 week 4 discussion AND response


Week 4 Discussion

“Consumer Behavior Blog Post –Are You Getting the Message? “ Please respond to the following:

  • Recall two (2) media appeals that you have recently noticed on Facebook, or another social media source. Discuss these two (2) examples of message appeals in your blog post. Provide a detailed description, and judge whether the appeals are effective for that product or company. (Hint: See Chapter 7 in the textbook for more details).
  • Your blog entry should be approximately two to three (2-3) paragraphs in length. Additionally, be sure to respond to the blog entries created by two (2) of your peers.

*** It is a great idea to screen shot the ad, save as an image and include it with your post.***


1. Ramsey

RE: Week 4 Discussion


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For this wks discussion, I strolled through my facebook to pick 2 company ads. The first interesting one to come up was for Invisasox. The ad was for no show socks that do not slide off. The ad states they are guaranteed to stay on! Which intrigued me because I have never had a no show sock fit well or stay on. The short appeal shows examples of feet coming in and out of different types of shoes while the sock stays in place. It touches on the quality of the material and design. There is no direct communication about price during the ad- you have to click on the website for more details. Because the “no sock” look is in fashion- this sock would appeal to lots of consumers.

The offered guarantee is meant to show credibility – which touches on ethos. The ability to wear a no show sock comfortably hits on pathos (no more frustrations from socks falling off). This ad was pretty basic- but if I had to pick an advertising appeal style I would say Social since this type of sock is considered so stylish now.

The second ad was for Dualpolymer Waterless Car Wash. It used the Rational Appeal- the ad made you feel that you needed it. The spokesperson showed how easy the product cleaned and shined the car. He uses the word easy many many times. The ad also touched on the technology of the product and how that makes it a superior product compared to its competitors. The ad was effective because I am seriously considering purchasing some!

2. e Woods

RE: Week 4 Discussion

Hello Class and Dr. Pinsk,

Grubhub is one ad that I notice using media appeal through Facebook. Grubhub is a food delivery service that delivers local food and restaurant to your home by the use of an application downloaded on your phone or another computing device. The advertiser uses a mild level of sex appeal to gain interest in their service. In the ad, you will notice a female opening the door to a male delivering the food. In the forefront of the video, you will notice words fonts depicting food names followed by “you love, delivered,” (Grubhub,1). The appeal for this particular advertisement is effective because of the normalcy of what we often see for home delivery service. The advertiser did not use any level of nudity that would take away from the intended service.

Vivint Smart home is another ad I notice on Facebook using media appeal. Vivint Smart Home is an automation service that sells a variety of remote products and surveillance and security system. The advertisement used on Facebook is a Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro (2). The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a surveillance camera used in connection with your phone, so the common appeal used is fear. The advertisement depicts the camera with the phone showing a presumable thief on the phone. The appeal is effective considering the undesirable nature of the advertisement triggering some emotional response and solution to a problem.


1. Grubhub




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