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Imagine that you are team leader of a security assessment team hired to conduct a risk assessment for a research and development company with several government contracts. The organization has numerous buildings located across the city. Your team has identified communication and collaboration problems among team members when conducting security assessments. Team members state that the paper-based inspection checklists are hard to keep organized in the field when conducting inspections, and they would like to use an electronic version of the checklists; however, they think laptops are too bulky for field use. They also state that team members are often located in different buildings and possibly different areas of a city when conducting assessments, and they would like to use a mobile technology that allows communication and collaboration with each other on security assessments. Your team would also like to have access to inspection reports located at the home office while conducting inspections in the field.

Develop a 2-Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which that identifies one type of mobile technology that utilizes the Internet and the World Wide Web to improve the communication and collaboration efforts of the team (not including the title or reference slides). GOOGLE GLASS

Answer the following questions in your proposal:

  • How will your security team use your proposed mobile technology to communicate between teams, access inspection reports, and improve collaboration? (AMBER)

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Mobile Technologies Presentation

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