Mobility Process Improvement


Tasks to perform.

Here are the specific tasks that you need to do:

For the personal business scenario you have chosen (please provide a short description of the scenario) or the Mobility case,

  • List all the symptoms of the problems faced by the business area that you are analyzing.Identify and list the possible underlying problems. If symptoms are cascaded (meaning some problems are symptoms to other deeper problems, then present them in indented bullet points to show the relationships. Limit yourself to up three stages of cascading. (10 points)
  • Identify and list from a systems perspective, the various systems components, such as the environmental elements, inputs and outputs, various sub-systems, etc.Draw a systems diagram in PowerPoint (or in any other program that you know). (10 points)
  • Identify and list the various types of interfaces between the sub-systems and associate the symptoms listed in part 1, with the various sub-systems and interfaces. (5 points)
  • Develop a process list and a process flow diagram (including swim lanes) for the activities for the chosen business scenario or the case. (15 points).To do that you may want to answer the following questions:
    • What are the sub-systems identified in part 2?
    • Who are the actors within each of the sub-systems?
    • What will be a possible list of processes that each of the actors execute?
    • Who is the owner of each of the processes, how much time does it take to complete a process and what interfaces does it use?Are they synchronous or asynchronous?
    • What will be the customer processes?
  • From the above process flow diagram, identify and list all the friction points and their causes.Remember that frictions are created by incorrect and inefficient interface usage, long chain or processes, and processes with loops. Based on your identification, circle the processes that you think are in need of change (10 points).
  • Select between 3-4 processes from PFD and develop a SIPOC chart for them. (10 points)
  • Associate the processes that you have identified in your PFD with the value activities of the business.For this, you have to have a clear understanding of the processes and value activities.For a grocery store, for example, the storing of the shelves are inbound logistics, the actual selling process (including the checkout) is operations, special offers and coupons are part of marketing and sales, etc.Note that your PFD may not include processes from all of the value activities and that is OK.Just identify the ones that are associated with your processes. (10 points)
  • Suggest a competitive strategy that your business should adopt.Based on that strategy, and using Porter’s Competitive Strategy model, identify the main competitive forces that your business should pay attention to and identify the value activities where changes are to be made for the company to remain competitive.(10 points)
  • Using the result from the analysis and the value activities identified above, identify the major changes in business processes within each of the value activities required by your business and based on the analysis, develop an information technology plan that can help the company to become more efficient and effective.(10 points)
  • Write a one page memo/description of your findings clearly articulating the problems, your analysis and solutions.This is more of a summary of the work that you have done in step 1-10 above. (10 points)
  • BONUS Points. Create a PFD with the changed processes that you have suggested in part 9.

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