Module 1 – SLP Exception Handling

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Introduction Background Information Case assignment Session Long Project Objectives

SLP assignment

Write a Java application that accomplishes the following tasks.

1) Ask the number of homework assignments students have submitted in a semester

2) Calculate the letter grade the student has earned based on the average of these assignments.


1) Assume the full score for each assignment is 100. Student will get 0 for each un-submitted assignment.

2) Student’s letter grade is based on the average of all their assignments

90 — 100               A

80 — 89                 B

70 — 79                 C

60 — 69                 D

0 — 60                   F

3) The program needs to have built in Exception handling.

After you are done, zip “compress” the source file along with a screen shot of the output and submit.

SLP assignment expectations

You are expected to understand and apply proper data structures in solving te programming task.  Complete exception handling should be in place to protect the program from crashing due to invalid inputs.

Required Readings & Resources

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Module 1 – SLP Exception Handling

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