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Module 7 Assignment: Macro Level “The Organization”


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Assignment Description:Based on what you have learned so far this week, create a PowerPoint presentation (18-21 slides) with detailed notes for each slide that addresses each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation. Support your content with at least four (4) citations throughout your presentation. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the presentation. Include a slide for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations (an example is in the Resources tab) related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements.• Describe the factors that determine the stability and uncertainty of an organization’s environment.• Compare and contrast open and closed systems.• Discuss the various strategies organizations use to develop and sustain interorganizational relationships.• Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the four basic organization structures.Title slide: 1 slide formatted in APA styleOrganization environment: at least 4 slidesSystems: at least 4 slidesInterorganizational relationships: at least 4 slidesOrganization structures: at least 4 slidesReference slide: at least 1 slide formatted in APA styleAdditionally, because a good presentation has few words on the slides include a script with the verbiage you would say when presenting; script should be a minimum of 50 words per slide.                      She prefers limited info on slides & detailed speaker notesPointers given by instructor on last ppt: ”Not all citations are in APA format. Citations are needed on content slides and in notes where external information is being presented. Good content and consider adding images or graphics to your presentation.” ”Your presentation was filled with information. Reduce the amount of content on slides. Citations needed on all content slides and in speaker notes.” “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”The post Module 7 Assignment: Macro Level “The Organization” appeared first on nursing writers.”Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you with a guaranteed plagiarism-free A+ quality paper.

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