​​Monograph (Research Paper) On Stylistics (Linguistics) 20 pages

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Monograph (Research Paper) On Stylistics (Linguistics)

I’m looking for someone who can choose and makes a monograph about the Stylistics field and fulfilled the following criteria of the research paper find it on the link below.

Major: Linguistics

The paper should have 20 pages.

Criteria of research paper


before you start working on a research paper, you must show me the topic name to give you my permission that topic is ok to work on it.

Every four days, you have to send me progress work that you made.

If your major is not linguistics, please do not bid on my question because I can tell.

Here some books about stylistics to give you the big picture about choosing a topic that will be acceptable by me.

A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry (English Language Series) Geoffrey N. Leech 1969


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​​Monograph (Research Paper) On Stylistics (Linguistics) 20 pages

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