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Montclair State University Employee Data Sheet Project


Moving and preparing Data- from Excel to SPSS.   Analyze and interpret the results in each.

Use Employee-data.xls

Tell me a story.  What are the research/business questions that you are addressing?

What are the independent variables?

What are the dependent variables?

Why is the analysis that you are doing important?

Interpret the results as you move from one analysis to another.

Show the Excel data set (one page)

Show the import into SPSS 

  • Use the software package to label and describe the data
  • Show appropriate graphs and charts
  • Run frequency distributions
  • Do several transformations and label them
  • Show several crosstabs
  • Interpret all results and outcomes of each step- This is very important.
    Show me that you can use the software
  • Explore the data- Know it well; show me this!

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