Multiple choice


  1. Question 1

    2 PointsThe Conditional Formatting Rules Manager dialog box can be used to ____.

  2. Question 2

    2 PointsCase-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 4-1
    nar001-1.jpg Chloe is creating an Excel spreadsheet using a number of formulas to help make some business decisions regarding her company’s customers. Please refer to the figure above as you answer the questions below.
    If any one value in column C, D, or E is FALSE, then that customer is going to be put on an Accounts Receivable Watch List. She wants to return a value of TRUE for customers to be put on the Watch List. She will write the formula for Aster Construction first, and then copy it to the other rows. The logical construct Chloe would use is ____.

  3. Question 3

    2 PointsThe first argument of the IF function is the logical_test, and can consist of ____.

  4. Question 4

    2 PointsWhen you encounter the key words either and or, meaning if either condition is met, then followed by a specified outcome, the situation indicates the need for a(n) ____ function.

  5. Question 5

    2 PointsYou can change the formatting of a cell quite easily using the Formatting buttons on the ____ tab.

  6. Question 6

    2 PointsDun & Bradstreet’s credit rating includes a classification ranging from ____ indicating the net worth category of the company.

  7. Question 7

    2 PointsThe NOT function essentially changes the value ____.

  8. Question 8

    2 PointsChoose a(n) ____ function if the problem requires you to make a decision and then generate different values depending on whether the logical test results in a TRUE or FALSE value.

  9. Question 9

    2 PointsThe OR function returns a value of FALSE if ____.

  10. Question 10

    2 PointsCase-Based Critical Thinking Questions Case 4-2
    nar002-1.jpgNathan is in charge of collections, and is putting together a list of customers to call. Please refer to the figure above as you answer the questions below.
    Nathan wants to develop a list of customers with past due balances. He will write the formula for one customer and copy it to the remaining rows. A correct formula would be ____.

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