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Generally speaking, there are different perceived levels of music in The Middle East. What types of music would be considered halal and what types of music would be considered haram? Why isn’t music typically used in Islamic religious activities? How does the Sufi sect of Islam contradict this generality?

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Student Response:

In Arabic, halal typically means accepted. In terms of halal music, it usually includes chanted poetry, music for family celebrations, folk songs and military music. For example, church songs can be halal. Songs that are aimed at celebrating life or classic middle eastern dance songs are halal. None of these example would be considered haram Haram typically means unacceptable or bad. Some music that can be considered haram includes Western pop music, music for night clubs, or any style of music that has sexual or taboo content. For example, rap music that most of us listen to can be considered haram. Most rap music includes lyrics about sex, drugs, or money. In Middle Eastern culture, this is definitely haram.

Music isn’t typically used in Islamic religious activies because the only music used in their activities is from the Quran. This is not typically considered music at all. They’re form of music is the Khandan, which is just heightened prayer. In contrast, the Sufi sect of Islam believe that music is the WAY to attain union with Allah. The sufi’s are the mystical branch of Islam.

4) Egyptian Tahkt Ensemble featuring Umm Kulthum ( This is the Audio to write about)

Write a 150 word journal about it. Please utilize the listening guides in your textbook for this assignment. Include information about the audio example including the genre or style, instruments and form. What culture creates this music? What behaviors or activities are associated with this music? Also include your personal thoughts or feelings about your chosen audio example. Do you like it/dislike it? Why did you choose this particular example?

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