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SLO #1:Analyze and describe socialization and the impact on development in the context of theoretical frameworksDirections:Reflect: Each of us have been impacted by our families, culture, communities, and our educational experience. Heads up My culture is Armenian.Write: In this assignment you must write a 1 to 1.5 page essay that summarizes & describes how you have been impacted by your family, culture, community and/or school experience. In your essay cite at least one theory of socialization*.At least 1 page. Not more than 2 pages in length#12 fontReference: Chapter 2 & 3 , Gonzalez-Mena…* Read and research, Include at least 1 & relate your writing to one of these:(Email the instructor if you need to use theory/theorist not listed here)Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems theoryJean Piaget, Theory of Cognitive DevelopmentLawrence Kohlberg, Moral DevelopmentSigmund Freud, Psychosexual Theory of Human Development

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