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Discuss the relationship between narrative storytelling and the documentary form in Mysterious Object at Noon. Focus on how the fictional exquisite corpse sections of the film might serve as a way to engage with or process the trauma that is raised in some of the documentary sections. If you could please review the previous homework i assigned you please follow that style of writing i mentioned previously when answering this question i need you to write two paragraphs the first paragraph answering the questions and the second paragraph replying to my classmate’s response to the question, here is my classmate’s response to the question that i need you to reply to: “The premise of this film is like nothing I have ever seen before. It is technically a narrative film in certain regards, as the participants are continuously creating a new, albeit scattered, fictional story, but it is clear that the “stories” being contributed are tinged by the personal. One could make the argument that all stories are tinged by the personal, that an author can never truly be an objective third party, but in this film, it is heartbreakingly beautiful to see such a silly, fantastical concept almost being used as a group therapeutic exercise. The fear, the hunger, the traumatic lived experiences come out in their “fictional” stories, and indirectly create a sort of autobiography of the rural villagers of Thailand. The viewer, however, must decided for themself what is a personal insertion, and what is pure fantasy. The fact that it is supposed to be fictional narrative gives emotional cover to the participants to share their real stories in an impersonal, easier way. It is much easier to share your traumatic experiences if you can disguise them as fables. “

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