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Myth of the Mound-Builders Assignment


The Mound-Builder myth is more than a simple misunderstanding, says archaeologist Sarah E. Bond, in this article (click for link) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Using this article as well as other readings from this week’s module (and our lecture), explain in your own words what archaeologists mean by “the myth of the mound-builders” (5 points). Be sure to explain what the author means by “aliens” in the context of the mounds scattered throughout eastern and Midwestern North America (5 points), what about this idea makes it a “myth” (5 points), and what impacts widespread belief in this myth has had (5 points).

Responses will be graded based on their accuracy (5 points), clarity (5 points), and thoroughness in incorporating materials from readings/lecture (10 points).

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