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National University Spiritual Disciplines Reflection


Chapters 10 to 13

this is the instructionsIntroductions:o Common elements in writing a reflective introduction should include:? identify the focus of your reflection? identify theories or course material that will help you to explore your experience more deeply share the main lessons you learned from your experience? introduce the main theme(s) that you will address in the body of the paper Body o The body of your reflective paper should relate the body to the point(s) and theme(s) you identified in your introduction.o Each theme may account for one or more paragraphs in your body. For each theme, you should:o identify the themeo answer the following questions: ? What did I learn?? What will I do in my future activities like education, practice, or job in light of the new leaning provided by the analyzed subject/event?? Did the spiritual disciple(s) you studies impact your formation? Why or why not?o You can share a personal experience (or several) that support the theme(s) Conclusiono As you conclude your reflection:? review the importance of your experiences within the context of learning? restate how you will move forward from this specific experience? suggest additional opportunities for future personal growth in the spiritual disciplines

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