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NC Interpersonal Friendship Analysis Essay


Interpersonal Friendship Analysis

Objective: To understand the six stages of friendship as well as being able to identify communication skills to improve interpersonal relationships.  

You will analyze a current relationship you have with a friend and write a 2-3 page double spaced paper about this relationship discussing the Six Stages Model of Friendship Development by Rawlins (See pages 126-127 in the eBook to cover the six stage model of friendship by Rawlins), Please include how you and your friend employ self-disclosure (Pages 124-126), your motivations for initiating this friendship (pages 132-133), and possibilities for improvement in the relationship (pages 124-126,136-138, 140-141). This will be a socially sustainable project.

Criteria: Your analysis should meet the following criteria. Your papers is to be typed, double-spaced, written in essay format, include the eight specified Paragraph headings below in bold, and is to be two to three pages in length (14 point font). Your paper is to be free of any major typographical and grammatical errors. Paper should include a heading with your first and last name, the course number and section, and date.  PLEASE USE SPELL AND GRAMMAR CHECK! (15 pts) Look at my example.

You will need 8 paragraphs including the headings below in bold: 

1. Introduction: Possibly including your motivations for this friendship. Please discuss your feelings about this relationship. (15 pts)

2. Stage 1: Role-limited interaction: (15 pts)

3. Stage 2: Friendly relations: (15 pts)

4. Stage 3: Moving toward friendship: (15 pts)

5. Stage 4: Nascent (new) friendship: (15 pts)

6. Stage 5: Stabilized Friendship: (15 pts)

7. Stage 6: Waning friendship (If this occurred): (10 pts)

8. Conclusion: This needs to include possibilities for improvement to the relationship. Please also pick and discuss how you used at least three of the following communication skills or concepts as you developed this relationship; forgiveness, collaboration, praise, I-messages, active listening, empathic listening, self-disclosure, affection, bargaining, praise, supportive climate, trust, and validation of feelings. Would you like to change or improve anything about this relationship? 

Do you have any new insights about this relationship after writing this paper? (35 pts)

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