Need a PPT(PFA for template)


prepare a presentation in which your team presents 1) overview 2) summary of findings 3) drill down on the high risks- discuss why you felt they presented a greater risk to the agency 4) Recommendations for all of your significant findings (don’t worry about the low ones).5) Research a technical solution (a product), that can help the agency “get healthy”. Describe (in your own words, not the vendor’s words) how the tool can help solve the risk it is intended to address..

PPT doc is available for reference.PFA

Please refer these documents ( points can be noted from this docs). you will work on a risk assessment using one of the agencies as assigned, below

Document is at least 15-16
double-spaced pages. Paper is well-written with minimal typing, spelling, or grammatical errors. 10% Required sections (above) are appropriately addressed. 25 points (5 each), 50 points for the Procedures Section. 75% Procedures provide sufficient information to enable recovery and mission restoration. 15%

Please keep me posted if you have any questions and queries.

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