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Need help with my psychology homework need and essay


  • A L L writing assignments will be graded on the following criteria:1) Ability to follow assignment directions2) Demonstrate college, academic-level writing skills, including, but not limited to, alignment to assignment, grammar, spelling, and structure. No opinions are allowed, each statement of fact and/or example MUST be substantiated with a credible source. 3) Each writing assignment should not be less than 500 words. No one-word or one sentence answers accepted. Everything is structured in paragraph format, no outlines, or bullet points accepted. Questions should be answered as follows: Paragraph form paraphrasing both the question and the answer in each response. Please open this folder to view assignments. Be aware of due dates. No late assignments are accepted under any circumstances. Early submission is allowed and eencouraged

  1. What is the tendency to compare to the past
  2. WHO IS Daniel Bernoulli
  3. What are two kinds of errors do people make when trying to decide what the right thing is to do?
  4. According to Dan Gilbert, why in the world would anybody ever play the lottery?
  5. What were our brains evolved for?
  6. Why are we so bad at using Bernoulli’s gift?
  7. What is the only thing that will destroy us?
  8. By and large people are enormously_______________?
  1. What do we do if a decision is far into the future
  2. What is dynamic inconsistency?

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