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Assignment Type: Argumentative

Audience: Students NOT enrolled in this class.

Topic: Is there such a thing as free will?

Consider all three books we’ve read this semester. Now, read this essay by Stephen Cave: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/06/theres-no-such-thing-as-free-will/480750/ (Links to an external site.)

After reading this essay, and considering the three books you’ve read semester, and any other readings or experiences you’ve had with these concepts before, I’d like you to respond to Harris’ book and Cave’s essay with your own interpretation, analysis, and argument. You can start by summarizing the main points from both Harris and Cave, and then from there, I’d like to see a healthy discussion of your synthesis of these texts. Synthesis is when we combine multiple elements in order to create something new. We’ve read a book about the importance of intrinsic motivation, the power of habit and routines, as well as a book about free will. And now, you’ve closed out this short semester with an essay on the topic of free will. Taken together, what is it you want to say? In other words, it’s your turn. Weigh in on all of it. I’d like to see a culmination of the last 6 weeks in your best 2000 words.

Let me put it more simply to help you a bit:

  • People don’t work well when they only have extrinsic motivation. The science proves it, according to Pink.
  • People get caught into habit loops. These loops are often related to extrinsic factors (think f the mouse and the chocolate).
  • Harris argues “Not only are we not as free as we think we are–we do not feel as free as we think we do” (64). Again, consider the concepts of “if/then” rewards, “habit loops” (Angie Bachman), and are you “free to change your mind” (65) at any given moment, or is it that your mind can only change you?

Grading: This essay is worth 100 points. In your essay, be sure to use this checklist:

  • A clear, focused, and specific thesis
  • Paragraphs with a focus and a reasonable length
  • Effective explanations, summaries, and quotes that describe the ideas in the readings
  • Examples and details from the book or from other sources that illustrate the author’s ideas (cross-reference his sources and find them if necessary
  • Thoughtful and in-depth discussion of the ideas from Free Will and the Cave essay
  • Well-written sentences (proofread, proofread, proofread)
  • Words that effectively express ideas (work on your style, try to find the proper verbs and look to omit unnecessary words
  • Works cited page

Some Advice:

  • Assume your reader is someone who is NOT in our class.Spend time summarizing key ideas, defining any unfamiliar or important terms (eg. autotelic, optimal experience, free will), selecting short quotes from the readings to help your reader understand the authors’ (plural) ideas.
  • Include specific details, quotes, and examples from the readings to illustrate the authors’ ideas.Similarly, include specific examples and details from your own experiences or observations so readers can understand your point of view.
  • Try to think beyond the obvious.Acknowledge the complexities or difficulties in the authors’ ideas or your own situation.
  • Proofread your essay carefully.

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