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  • Need this done by sunday as well please and thank you

Need this done by sunday as well please and thank you


  • Explain the types of information that can be stored in an Active Directory User record. (15 Points)
  • Name the additional tabs available in the User record when in “Advanced Features” mode? (15 Points)
  • What are some automation tools that could assist in User Management? (15 Points)
  • What are some of the specific challenges and risks associated with account management in a large infrastructure? (15 Points)
  • How can inadequate access controls or access management leave critical information vulnerable? (15 Points)
  • Describe the importance of key management in keeping any encryption system secure? (15 Points)
  • Consider a cloud-hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment with many users accessing these systems from all over the world. Discuss the challenges of managing identities and associated keys in this environment. (15 Points)
  • Finally, conclude this week’s assignment with a page explaining how the tools and processes demonstrated in the lab might be used by an infrastructure administrator to help secure an environment. (10 Points)
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