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Network Security Consultant, management homework help


Company: Law Firm: Lincoln Partners, Esq.

A law firm has hired you as a Network Security Consultant to help its operations by providing a secure network to support its growth. The Law firm currently has offices in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Wilmington, Harrisburg and Princeton. Its corporate office out of Philadelphia will provide all of its IT support.

Philadelphia Office is the main corporate office and consists of the following groups

Legal Group

Partners: There are 3 Attorneys that are the principals of the firm.

Associates: There are 10 Associates, attorneys, who work for the firm but do not share in the company profits, and therefore are not partners.

Paralegals: There are 15 Paralegals, who work on a part time basis to support the law firm

Office Manager: One manager who is responsible to support the office and she is responsible to ensure that everything runs smoothly, such as telephone, Fax, Copy, Supplies, Utilities, IT, etc. Also Manages the Cherry Hill Location.

IT Admin: He is responsible for maintaining all of the IT equipment: Internet Services, Telephone Services, Desktops, Servers, Routers and Switches, and Website. Also supports the Cherry Hill location.

Other Offices:

Associates: There are three associates, who help get new clients from other offices and their respective areas.

Paralegal: There is one paralegal to support the associates

IT Background Information


Other Offices

Servers (Windows )






Network Printers / Copier / Fax



Desktop Printers

5 – (Partners, Office Manager, IT Admin)









1 Main 2 Distributions


Website – Outsourced


Email –


Security Issues: What concerns the partners at this firm

  • 1)Associates and paralegals taking clients / stealing business
  • 2)Not having the ability to monitor business in remote locations
  • 3)Reduce Costs in IT by consolidating
  • 4)Privacy for their clients information

Task 1: Design a Secure Network using either Visio, Paint, Word, etc showing the All locations.

Task 2: Design and provide the IP Scheme for the network

Task 3: Establish a VPN between the All offices and allow the ability to work from home.

Task 4: Allow all employees the ability to access servers at the other locations

Task 5: Show and/or document all necessary security controls and its configuration.

Task 6: Update the firewalls to ensure security policy is enforced

Task 7: Show the DMZ on the diagram and placement of servers and Eliminate Outsourcing

Additionally, a new database (DB) system has been implemented in the Philadelphia office that is accessible by all locations. The DB holds client data that is confidential, and needs to be properly protected. The DB system also tracks attorney hours and allows the attorneys to charge the right customers. Many attorneys have been issued laptops and now have the ability to VPN from home.



Please submit your assignment to show all of the requirements identified are properly accounted for.

Everything should be in APA format ,, No plagiarism

Actually I have the Sample paper done. You can go trough that paper and create a new one

so that you can also get clarity. Am attaching the document below

Please follow every of the following steps and the sample paper too.

I need a power point presentation for this paper. ppt should be very clearly done for clear explanation. you gave give the bullet points in the ppt and the explanation of those slides in another document.

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