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Networking lab 11, computer science homework help


  1. Take a look at the following Ch11 Troubleshooting.docx
  2. Download and troubleshoot the L11 Troubleshooting EIGRP.pkt.
    Final pkt file should meet the given requirements (in document above).
    Please ensure to troubleshoot, DOCUMENT, and fix the provided PKT file.
     Deleting a device and adding a new one to “freshly” configure is not
    quite troubleshooting, I advise you to avoid it.
  3. Submit a memo to with a detailed report of all your findings of bad
    configurations (or the lack of), discuss your troubleshooting steps and
    commands used, as well as the steps to fix the network. Ensure to you
    have a memo template and format. A limit of 2 page (max) lenth memo is
    encouraged, but not required. NOTE 1: Please note that memo does not need to include discussion on the OSPF configurations.

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