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New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus De Le Vega Questions


I’m working on a management case study and need support to help me understand better.

CEO Tony Bussard apparently wanted to relinquish none of the power when he agreed with board members of Alvon Biometrics to maintain control over the financial and administrative side of the company while naming a COO to oversee day-to-day operations. Juan Carlos De la Vega was hired as COO for the company. De la Vega came to Alvon from a smaller rival company and was initially excited about his new position and the future of Alvon. But De la Vega’s exciting new position came with its own set of frustrations as he tried to plunge into the rapidly changing technology while simultaneously fitting into the organization and tip-toeing around Tony Bussard’s ego. One year into the job, De la Vega was still wondering what  was expected of him. De la Vega’s earnest efforts to get guidance about his responsibilities seemed to be brushed aside by the CEO.

The confusion about De la Vega’s role also filtered down the ranks. Employees, expecting initiative from De la Vega, remained uncertain about his range of responsibilities. Even one year later, employees were reluctant to take a chance on angering Bussard by shifting their attention and allegiance to De la Vega. De la Vega knew it was time for clarity.

1. If you were De la Vega, what would you do at this point? Do you think De la Vega has waited too long to make a substantial change in his relationship with Bussard? Why?
2. How would you characterize De la Vega’s style as a follower? What tactics might help improve his relationship with Bussard? Explain.
3. If you were in De la Vega’s position, what would you have done from the beginning? Be specific about your actions and timing.

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