News: Writing ledes and second paragraphs

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Instructions: Write strong and effective hard news ledes and second paragraphs; each should be suitable for a story organized as an inverted pyramid. Your writing must follow AP style and use proper grammar and proper spelling. It must be factually accurate from the information given in this section. You may not make up facts or embellish your writing with information not given in this section. However, you are expected to correct any spelling, grammar or style errors contained in these items.

Please use 12-point Times or Palatino font. Submit your work through Blackboard as an attached file compatible with Microsoft Word.

Please make sure that your name is on your document.

1. There are several train crossings in troy that need to be upgraded. Many people think these are dangerous. A 26 year old woman was struck and killed by a CSX train in troy last night as she and her boyfriend tried to push the car they’d been riding in off of the tracks, an Alabama Department of Public Safety dispatcher said this morning. Yvette Martine Bodin died from her injures at the scene. Her boyfriend, Justin Hale McKeehen, 27, was badly injured and taken to troy regional hospital, where he was listed in critical condition this morning. The accident happened at around 11:01 p.m. near the intersection of Cassett Avenue and Main street in Troy. The 2003 Honda sedan Bodin and McKeehen were in was unable to stop at the stop sign it continued through the intersection, went off the road and was immobilized on top of the tracks. As Bodin and McKeehen tried to push the car off the tracks, the vehicle was struck by the train, which was headed north. Details of the incident are still under investigation, troopers are not sure why the couple couldn’t get off of the tracks in time.

2. Many trucks travel through Troy everyday on Highway 231. Most of the trucks carry the products and goods needed to keep our economy humming. Some of the trucks carry dangerous items. An eighteen-wheeler truck loaded with lethal Cyanide was involved in a four vehicle accident this morning at the intersexion of George Wallace Blvd. and Highway 231. Two cars, one pickup truck and the 18-wheeler were involved in this wreck. The accident touched off a fire that caused the cyanide to explode. Troy’s firemen have been unable to douse this fire and emergency units from Montgomery and Dothan are currently heading towards Troy to help control this fire. City police are forcing a fifteen-block evacuation around this fire because of the fumes from the cyanide fire. troy University is within this evacuation zone and is being closed for the rest of the day, all students are being told to immediately leave the campus. Troy police say that five people involved in the accident and three people at the McDonalds restaurant near the blast were killed.

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News: Writing ledes and second paragraphs

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