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vivek-Communication Failures

The most important thing in day to day life of project management is communication. Communication is also one of the most important in any other activity which requires teamwork. Since the project manager takes the lead of the project, it is very important that he/she is very responsible for communicating and coordinating the duties of all the team members who are working in different areas. The duties of these members should be clear and precise to them so that there are lesser chances of making a mistake or having a hassle during the project. The project manager must communicate with every member of the team personally and make sure there are no miscommunications.

Herb has great experience working as a member of the project, but he has never led a project. In his previous projects, he had played important roles for the project but that is completely different than leading a project. He has expertise in R&D and product enhancement which requires technical knowledge and where communication and management skills are not of topmost importance. He always used to work by himself and never had hardly ever had to interact with anybody so taking a lead of a project was completely different for him. So, according to me, it wasn’t the correct choice to give him to lead the project.

In this scenario, there are clear and obvious signs of miscommunication. The first of Alice in providing a recommendation letter was encoding and decoding. The second with Bob of not providing the written instructions to Bob’s engineering team was incorrect encoding and decoding. And in the case of Betty and Frank, Herb didn’t take the feedback from Betty and she made her own decision which leads to Frank being upset about his role for the team which is clearly due to encoding.

chaitanya-How Important Are Communication Skills in Project Management?

In my view improper communication is the important factor which determine the success or failure of the project. According to the Project Management Institute (2013), eight out of ten projects are failed due to improper communication. These numbers reveals the importance of proper communication to achieve the success of project. In order to be a good communicator all the project managers should know all types of communications and the importance of communication skills and various problems that will be caused due to improper communication.

Was Herb the Right Person to be Assigned as the Project Manager?

In this case i do not think Herb is the correct person for the role of project manager. All the project managers should have the following factors like control over all the departments of project and planning and maintaining sheer eye on daily operations and reports. As a project manager Herb should have clearly express his thoughts in a proper way to the team by effective communication but by this case study we know that Herb failed to do his job as project manager.

There were Communication Issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. For Each Communication Issue, Where Was the Breakdown in Communications: Encoding, Decoding, Feedback, and so on?

Alice: In Alice case it is decoding stage where there is improper communication. Alice should have asked for the letter of recommendation directly regarding her promotion where herb did not understood the zist.

Bob: In this case some external factors caused the miscommunication. Bob team used to get all the instruction in writing and here they did not receive it in writing and Herb should have known the process of communication while talking with bob during discussions.

nikhil-Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the open network where internet service providers (IPSPs) distribute the information equally. Like comcast and Verizon treat all information contents flow through their cables and their cell towers equally. That means, these providers should not be able to slide some information into fast lane while blocking or discriminating against other material. In other words would like to say, these companies will not be able to block you from accessing applications like skype or zoom or just the slow down your Amazon premium or Netflix or YouTube videos to just sell their own package products which they have their own video streaming services. There is non-neutral internet environment as well. If we see like social network site Facebook or cloud service provider such as Amazon, these pays an additional fee to make their transmit of data faster. In other words, they can buy their preferential treatment by paying extra money and in return to get huge advantage of data flow transmission in slower moving competition in the market.

With this net neutrality, you as a businessperson, you will have the huge opportunity to compete with anyone in the market and there are big changes to make your business success because your business website can be accessible by anyone easily. If there is no net neutrality, there will be big loss for the smaller business for smaller market. There are options open for small business people as well, like instead smaller entrepreneurs sells to any one with an internet connection, fledgling businessmen would find their own customers limited to those who paid for the internet package that take care of the access to their business website. For example, if you have a cable tv plan, then as much you pay you will be able to see more channels.

Yes, I believe net neutrality will not lead to IT Efficiency. That’s all depends on the business, how big your business is. This generation is about business competition and make fast access will provide faster services to consumers. Like Google and Microsoft, they will not go with net neutrality. Or as an example you see about 4g and 5g speed to access the services

kishore-Any IT sector or a business unit using data or communication mode with internet access to run a business or sell a product as a service to its customers need to ensure that their bandwidth and spread with websites projecting their goals and with digital print need to consider that net neutrality is a good outcome for a small scale businesses and start up with a vision to grow their business is fetch the value that ISP can follow guidelines to provision the access to any website or the content on the internet to each and every individual without any bias. Though large companies like Google , Microsoft and fortune 500 companies with greater revenue can afford the price to be paid for any higher internet speed that ISP might charge when there is no net neutrality so they can charge customers to pay for the speed and also the business product which small businesses can’t afford to grow. Access to their products to consumers through means of websites with appropriate information is directly linked with any business operations in a company now a days. All these points add value to support net neutrality for the equality and distribution of the internet service to each individual equally.

IT efficiency comes to an halt if the net neutrality was not existing and would support net neutrality, where the small business can’t afford the internet ISP packages that could be high to enable the VPN and network demand to their VPN while people work from home and as well the users or employees that support the development process of the applications can’t add value when there is a huge cost associated with the internet packages of access to any website is restricted and API’s developed with any application exposed to consumption could cost more and Micro services design(Kaplan,2018) could have been a huge failure for any business where the network bandwidth which can’t meet certain high speed bandwidth can lose the market to its competitors. Net neutrality is enabling the cloud based services which has a free tier initially to be explored by many users to experiment and do a POC for any development could be done easily and have many blogs related to their interests and social media available free content access .ISP providers and businesses need to value the net neutrality to leverage and grow the revenue of their business.

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